For fabricators and contractors who are looking for simple and smart solutions for the long-term repair and protection of metal from corrosion that reduces reworking and total cost of ownership, Brite Zinc and 1st Zinc are the answer.

Brite-Zinc is the one-step, fast-drying, non-sagging touch-up of damaged galvanizing. It matches hot-dip coloring and ages just like galvanized, so it doesn’t look repaired. Its galvanic action ensures better self-healing and sealing. Developed in 1986, Brite-Zinc is THE ORIGINAL metallic silver color zinc-rich coating that has been used on towers, power generators, farms, fencing, and more. It can be used for both field and shop repairs. Today, it is the leading product for galvanizing maintenance and repair.

1st Zinc is a 95% zinc-rich content weld-thru primer providing the highest-level of corrosion protection on bare steel in cold-galvanizing applications. It meets the requirements listed in the ASTM-780, ASTM-D-520 (for zinc content), Fed. Spec. DOD-P-21035A (Galvanizing Repair Spec), MIL-P-26915A (USAF Zinc Dust Primer), and SSPC-Paint 20 (Specification for Zinc-Rich Primer) specifications. I has excellent adhesion and has long-lasting mechanical durability. It can be left stand alone or be used as a primer and top-coated.

Unlike common zinc-rich coating products, we have over 60 years experience of fielded and proven high-quality solutions to fabricate and protect metal through both our Brite Products product line as well as through our parent company’s Weld-Aid line of welding solutions. Providing high-quality, innovative, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solutions for protecting metal during fabrication and over the long haul in the field has been and always will be our #1 priority. That’s the Brite Difference!

1st Zinc was developed for use on metal parts and assemblies as either a protective primer coat to be later top coated or as a standalone coating.

The product, is available in aerosol cans, bulk gallons, and a spot repair “pen.”



One-step color matches the shiny look of hot dip galvanizing. Meets ASTM-A780 standard for corrosion protection.

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