PROPER USAGE               

Note: These instructions describe the basic process, but they may need to be amended by the user to comply with applicable specification and /or inspection criteria provided by the contracting agency.

1. Application: Apply P-007 penetrant only to clean, dry surfaces.

2. Dwell Time: A 10 minute dwell time is suggested, although in many cases five minutes will suffice.When particularly tight cracks are suspected, or the part is especially critical, the dwell time may be extended to 30 minutes, or longer.

3. Removal: Remove as much excess penetrant as possible using clean, dry rag or toweling. Remove remain- ing penetrant film by wiping with a rag or toweling that has been slightly moistened with C-007. Use a minimal amount to avoid flushing penetrant from flaws. Do not spray C-007 directly on the part surface when removing excess penetrant. Rough surfaces require more generous applications of C-007.

4. Drying: Allow the surface to dry completely before applying developer.

5. Developing: Spray D-007 directly on the part surface. Flaw marks are visible under appropriate lighting almost immediately, but allow sufficient developing time to enhance the flaw visibility.

6. Inspection: Inspect parts under appropriate light.